Herbal immunity support care packages for you and your family including:

-1 ounce bottle Elderberry tincture, made from locally grown pesticide-free elderberries tinctured with MN made Prairie Vodka

-2 dram bottle Elderflower tincture, made from locally grown pesticide-free elderflowers tinctured with MN made Prairie Vodka

-15ml bottle Betsy's Backyard Botanicals Prickly Ash 'Absinthe' bitters with homegrown and wild crafted botanicals to help support digestive health and circulation.  Take a few drops after eating or add to your favorite cocktail.

-1 bag Betsy's special blend Immun-i-tea made with Organic German Chamomile, Hibiscus flowers, white pine, red cedar and spruce needles, lemon verbena, elderflowers, and stevia.  This tea is great to support your immune system with herbs high  in vitamin C and lots of love.

-Recipe from Betsy using some foraged wild spring greens and note on how to incorporate the supplements into your daily life to support well being.

*Disclaimer:  I am an herbalist, NOT a doctor, and these supplements aren't meant to cure any specific disease, but rather serve as tonics to support general health and well being as part of a healthy lifestyle.  



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